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What We Do - custom business web design and hosting services and solutions in the Roanoke, VA area and beyond
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  • We help you grow by designing and developing affordable, professional business web sites that are online representations of your business or organization. Learn about our design process.
  • We maintain those webs, or create them so you can do the updates yourself. Five Reasons Why Regular Site Maintenance is Important
  • We host many of the websites we create, and many for other site creators, too. Learn about our hosting services.
  • We help those websites get found in search engines. Learn about our Search Engine Optimization services. Find out how Google Analytics can help determine if your SEO is working.
  • We help you with Social Networking by helping create blogs and e-newsletters and Facebook sites and such. We can even help you find the perfect person or people to keep it all updated for you.
  • We connect databases to online forms and search features and things so our clients' sites can function like their clients want them to function.
  • Our partner company, Web Transitions, headed by Barry Briggs, creates custom web-based applications and programs to help make doing business easier for you and your clients. Our portfolio of existing applications includes e-commerce shopping carts, e-commerce catalog solutions, complete content management solutions for websites and e-commerce, as well as a host of applications and widgets for specific business processes.

    For over twenty years we have been developing custom web based applications to fit a variety of business specific needs. Our portfolio of existing applications includes e-commerce shopping carts, e-commerce catalog solutions, complete content management solutions for websites and e-commerce as well as a host of applications and widgets for specific business processes.
  • We listen to music all day long while we work and sing and whistle and sometimes dance with the dogs.




History – “We’re older than Google.”


Howl'n Dog Designs opened in 1996, focused on a vision that the Internet would become a primary business medium. We had one simple goal: to help our clients make the most of this new technology through great graphic design and continuously updated programming and development skills.


Even in the early days of the Internet we saw the possibilities for using the web to enhance business interaction through customer service, marketing and increased sales. In the many years since, we have maintained that focus and helped hundreds of clients reach that goal.


Skill set – “We know how to do it!”


We use many web site design and creation technologies to provide the best possible web presence for our clients. Every site is designed from the ground up to match the needs of the client and the people they serve. We never force a site into the restricted structure of a “template website builder”.


Our skill set is not focused on one single aspect of web creation and design. We have specialists in graphic design, presentation programming (HTML, javascript, css, etc.) and complex programming (database connectivity and online ecommerce shopping capabilities using Microsoft ASP, .NET and Microsoft SQL), as well as search engine optimization (SEO) and social media integration.


The result is a company that understands and uses a broad spectrum of web design and creation solutions. This means we are constantly expanding our knowledge base to use the leading technologies and methodologies required to give you a web site that can help you meet your business goals.


Knowledge Base – “We know what works.”


The Internet gives you access to your customers in ways that were not possible just a few years ago. Online marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, news feeds, blogs, social networking, multimedia, video and data gathering are all a part of making the most of your internet presence.  That’s why we try to insure you understand the importance of each piece of the web that may affect your business goals.


Regardless of your needs, we can provide the technical knowledge to make it happen. From simple information sites to complex, integrated e-commerce, we can make it work for you.


Technology – “We have our own tubes.”


Today’s websites require more than the simple file hosting servers of the early days of the Internet. Today, with ever-expanding Internet technologies, websites use a variety of interactive technologies that require special server configurations. From simple database integration to complex and secure PCI compliance, each site can have its own unique set of requirements. That’s why we host and maintain our own data center with web servers that we can configure to meet your specific requirements. This insures immediate problem solving, if they arise, without having to wait for co-hosting technical support.


The data center is affordable, safe and secure, with generator and battery backup power, and multiple independent connections to the Internet. Our uptime percentage has exceeded 99.9 % every year for the last 5 years.


All servers and connections are monitored 24/7 from multiple locations.


Customer Dedication – “We know how to commit to a relationship.”


Great customer service is more than responding to your questions and concerns. It’s about being proactive…watching for potential problems and opportunities and making sure you know what they mean to you and your business. It’s about continually learning and passing pertinent information on to you. It’s about helping you keep up with new technology and marketing developments.


It‘s about helping you meet your business goals today and tomorrow.