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Who We Are - Meet the web designers at Howl'n Dog Designs
Does anyone really know who they are?



Howl'n Dog Designs has been designing websites in the Roanoke, VA area and beyond since 1996, and growing and learning and improving ever since. Beth Garst started the business. Her educational background is fine art, graphic design and art history. Web site design is considered a reasonable career path for an art history major. She and her husband Barry Briggs, owner of Web Transitions, the power behind all the database programming, live on a farm in Boones Mill, where they raise chickens, grow vegetables and sit on the porch whenever possible.   Beth Garst
John Quesenberry has been with Howl'n Dog since 1998 (dang!), coming from an ad agency in New York City. He is the ever-morphing creator of twitchy and impressive code, never balking at a challenge. Not only does he bring his creativity, curiosity and "never say never" attitude to our office, but faithful dogs Sid and Spencer as well.   John Quesenberry